Gilbert Goons: Police speak out on teen violence

Gilbert Police authorities are addressing concerns about escalating teenage violence, responding to ongoing community apprehensions surrounding such incidents. Recently, on December 22nd, law enforcement officials in the East Valley town shared several images linked to an aggravated robbery that occurred on August 18th in a parking lot around Williams Field Road and Market Street.

Despite the low resolution of the images, they depict a group engaged in what appears to be a physical altercation. Notably, one picture offers a clearer view of an individual’s face, potentially aiding in identification.

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In a released statement, Gilbert PD highlighted their comprehensive review of past cases involving youths over the last two years. The aim is to uncover any connections or additional information that might assist ongoing investigations. Additionally, the department is collaborating with neighboring jurisdictions to share valuable information that could aid in both current and past inquiries.

A particular focus has honed in on the Williams Field Road and Market Street area, where officials have noted an upsurge in reported assault incidents involving juveniles over the past year. Each reported incident involved different individuals, though no official connection has been made to the group known as “Gilbert Goons” in the December 22nd statement.

Acknowledging the gravity of these events, Gilbert Police Chief Michael Soelberg previously addressed the “Gilbert Goons” group in a statement on December 14th. Initially, police had no reported cases referencing the group, but subsequent updates from victims mentioned alleged assailants associated with this group.

Residents in the area have expressed concern, with one, known as ‘David,’ describing encounters with the group, mentioning instances of harassment and attacks on smaller individuals. Such incidents have stirred unease among locals in an area typically considered safe.

In response, Gilbert Public Schools have taken proactive measures, issuing a letter to parents urging discussions with their children about safety precautions and awareness of popular community hangouts.

As Gilbert Police diligently pursue their investigation, encouraging anyone with information about the case to come forward, the community remains engaged and vigilant in response to these troubling occurrences.

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