Grand opening: Maricopa Municipal Courthouse

Final work being done on the new Municipal Court Building. Photo taken December 21, 2023. [Bryan Mordt]

Get ready for justice served swiftly and stylishly as Maricopa unveils its newest legal beacon: the Maricopa Municipal Courthouse. This architectural marvel, set to host its inaugural proceedings on Jan. 2, marks a significant stride for the city’s legal infrastructure.

Nestled proudly on the northwest corner of Bowlin and White Parker roads, this standalone courthouse heralds a departure from Maricopa’s previous setup, where the city court shared space with the Pinal County Justice Court and Maricopa City Hall. It’s not just a building; it’s a testament to progress.

Mayor Nancy Smith emphasized the profound significance of this edifice, stating, “This courthouse signifies our unwavering commitment to ensuring that every resident has unfettered access to a legal system that is both fair and efficient.”

The city council gave the green light for the construction of this 6,300-square foot marvel, a project initiated last year. Renderings teased to the public in April offered a tantalizing glimpse into the courthouse’s grandeur. Within its walls, a spacious 2,000-square foot courtroom stands alongside a welcoming lobby, staff offices, and ample parking space for up to 32 vehicles.

The grand unveiling, slated for Jan. 16 at 5 p.m., promises a ceremonious ribbon-cutting and an open house, inviting citizens to witness this milestone firsthand. An event not to be missed, the public is warmly encouraged to RSVP online for an insider’s look at Maricopa’s new bastion of justice.

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