Man Arrested for Threatening Family with Machete

A 42-year-old resident of Maricopa, identified as Shaun Benally, faces a multitude of criminal charges following an incident where he brandished a machete and made threats of holding his family members hostage.

According to official reports from law enforcement officers, the arrest of Shaun Benally took place on Saturday at a residence on West Warren Lane. The house harbored four adult relatives and children under the age of 6.

Upon attempted entry by officers, Benally obstructed the doorway by firmly clutching the machete against his chest. He explicitly warned against any attempt to open the door, asserting his readiness to take someone hostage and flee to the closest individual.

Refusing entry or exit to anyone, Benally maintained a tense standoff situation, as outlined in the police account of the incident.

To ensure the safety of the trapped family members, officers devised an alternative entry strategy by accessing the house through a bedroom window. This enabled them to reach and rescue those family members who had barricaded themselves out of fear for their safety. Testimonies from the family indicated that Benally was exhibiting signs of paranoia and experiencing hallucinations during the episode.

The Maricopa Police department proceeded to book Shaun Benally into the Pinal County jail on a series of charges, which include unlawful imprisonment, threatening and intimidating behavior, and disorderly conduct.

These felony charges carry significant penalties, including a potential sentence of up to six years in prison and fines amounting to over $7,000.

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