Ten top sustainable agriculture tales of 2023

Agriculture is a core field of Mongabay’s coverage each and each since the field must earn more sustainable ways to feed its human societies and because how it’s currently practiced is in any respect times detrimental to forests, biodiversity, and the local climate. Agroecology is the overarching term which encompasses such sustainable agriculture alternate choices

Ten top sustainable agriculture tales of 2023

Agriculture is a core field of Mongabay’s coverage each and each since the field must earn more sustainable ways to feed its human societies and because how it’s currently practiced is in any respect times detrimental to forests, biodiversity, and the local climate.

Agroecology is the overarching term which encompasses such sustainable agriculture alternate choices that we quilt, from organic farming to constructed-in pest administration and agroforestry, a tradition that contains bushes and which sequesters as a minimum 50 gigatons of carbon from the ambiance. For causes cherish this, agroecology is well-known as a top local climate solution by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Local climate Substitute.

And it’s no longer appropriate particular person farms or communities taking spin to place into effect this long-term imaginative and prescient of a more harmonious agriculture: governments comparable to Wales have appropriate announced a sustainable farming blueprint that can abet growers transition their farms away from scandalous practices, whereas nations cherish India have had national coverage in plot for in the case of 10 years to promote the adoption of agroforestry. The latter is some distance forward of the U.S. in this regard, but for its section, this year most critical funding by the U.S. Department of Agriculture become stale to lift agroforestry training and adoption.

Foundations are also taking a leading characteristic: this month, 24 nice philanthropies announced an initiative calling for a tenfold receive bigger in funding for transitioning to agroecology in expose to tackle urgent world agricultural and environmental challenges. “These philanthropies have aligned spherical a shared ambition: to catalyze a transition to 50% regenerative and agroecological methods by 2040, and to receive sure all agriculture and meals methods are transitioning by 2050,” their free up acknowledged.

Mongabay will proceed publishing its ongoing sequence on these traits that builds upon the nice reporting that has appeared at the plot this year – over four dozen functions, in total – and in prior years.

Under is a checklist of varied functions from at some level of the field, but one can contemplate about all of our coverage right here.

North The United States:

  • Mezcal, an increasingly more customary Mexican liquor, has considered a 700% receive bigger in manufacturing within the relaxation 10 years, ensuing within the over-harvesting of wild agave and the growth of monoculture plantations which ecologists enlighten is threatening endangered bat species and ecosystems.
  • One venture is checking out over forty five,000 thousand agave flora of two native species in agroecological methods to observe which practices easiest strengthen their snarl.

Amid world mezcal craze, scientists and communities strive out sustainable plantations


  • In Kenya, limited-scale onshore aquaculture blended with sustainable agroecology practices is boosting meals security and incomes for smallholder farmers.
  • Fed with combinations of meals kill and slit residues from agroforestry and organic farming, fish cherish tilapia would possibly perhaps presumably well also even be raised sustainably and profitably.

Sustainable fish farming & agroecology buoy Kenyan communities

North The United States:

  • A farm in Vermont has successfully implemented the agroecology formulation of “aigamo,” the place geese are introduced to rice paddies to provide weed and pest withhold watch over, plus free fertilizer, to the grains.
  • The farm is now working to put together others in its be taught how to lift the manufacturing of rice within the sphere and receive a “neighborhood of put together,” so farmers can strengthen and state each and each other on rice rising, paddy construction, and more.

Duck, duck, rice: Vermont farm gadgets numerous formulation of raising sustainable grains

South The United States:

  • Ecuador’s Jama-Coaque Reserve, residence to a brilliant cloud wooded field ecosystem, is section of what will doubtless be world’s most endangered tropical wooded field, of which only 2.23% stays.
  • Third Millennium Alliance (TMA) manages the Jama-Coaque Reserve, keeping surely one of the few remaining wooded field areas by monitoring and rebuilding the encompassing wooded field and with sustainable cacao farming that helps the local economic system.

Can agroforestry chocolate abet place the field’s most endangered rainforest?


  • An writer and frequent meals journalist for Mom Jones and GristTom Philpott joined Mongabay’s podcast to chat relating to the intense complications of industrial agriculture and what would possibly perhaps presumably well also even be performed to reform unsustainable meals methods with practices cherish agroecology. Listen right here:

Heart East:

  • Natural seed farm Buzuruna Juzuruna is section of a rising network of agroecological efforts within the nation, searching for out to shift the dominance of unsustainable farming thru seed sharing and communal education.
  • It provides free lessons, gala’s and even circus performances to state local farmers to older, more ecological suggestions of farming.

One seed at a time: Lebanese venture promotes agroecology for farmer autonomy

Southeast Asia:

  • After their town become devastated by floods in 2004, residents of Kiday within the Philippines shifted to organic suggestions when rebuilding their farms.
  • This day, the Kiday Neighborhood Farmers’ Association practices agroecology and agroforestry, declaring communal plots as successfully as deepest gardens.

Natural farming, and neighborhood spirit, buoy a storm-battered Philippine town

Central Asia:

  • Kyrgyzstan is surely one of a dozen international locations the place snow leopards live, but its population of 300-400 of the giant cats living along its most life like probably peaks is confused out by local climate commerce, mining, road construction, and conflict with herders, whose livestock would possibly perhaps presumably well also even be tempting prey.
  • A brand recent program of two snow leopard conservation NGOs helps herders diversify away from livestock against beekeeping, agroecology, and ecotourism.

Honey manufacturing sweetens snow leopard conservation in Kyrgyzstan


  • One less-liked profit of rising bushes is for their leaves for human weight reduction program, but a recent e-book, “Bushes with Fit to be eaten Leaves: A Global Handbook,” limited print better than 100 species whose leaves are extremely nutritious.
  • Bushes are also mighty simpler to develop than annual greens, being very simple to lift as soon as established, and profit other flora when grown in agroforestry settings. Mongabay interviewed the author of this recent helpful resource, which is available as a free download.

Bushes with suitable for eating leaves can enhance human weight reduction program: New e-book, free download

Central The United States:

  • The transformation of ancestral lands into intensive monoculture plantations has ended in the destruction of Guatemala’s native forests and frail practices, as successfully as lack of livelihoods and hurt to human successfully being and the atmosphere.
  • A network of better than 40 Indigenous and native communities and farmer associations are setting up agroecology faculties at some level of the nation to promote the restoration of ancestral practices, educate communities on agroecology and reveal them be taught how to receive their own local economies.

Agroecology faculties abet communities restore degraded land in Guatemala

Ogle the total agroecology sequence right here.

Banner image: The Future Seeds facility holds the field’s largest series of bean styles. Photo by Juan Pablo Marin for The Alliance of Biodiversity World and CIAT.

Associated audio from Mongabay’s podcast: Supreme-selling agroecology writer Anna Lappé shares her thoughts on the lingering myths about – and enduring strength of – agroecology, hear right here:

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