Tlisted below are two schools of thought on this planet of vintage dirt bikes: some of us esteem to search around for at them, while others must scurry them. We’re no longer here to dart judgment. Restoring an former bike is onerous, costly work, and it’ll even be heartbreaking to undo a iciness of onerous work in a single smoking DNF. We’ve been there. Fortunately, there’s a manner to dip a toe into the vintage racing world with out moving into over your head. All racing organizations are diversified, but many absorb a Revo class that allows bikes constructed as recently as 1995. Naturally, the more fresh the bike, the more uncomplicated the restoration in the case of facets availability and frequent recordsdata.

The 1995 Yamaha YZ250 is a ideal example. This particular bike is owned by Rick Valorous, but it’s neither uncommon nor costly. There’s doubtlessly one in a storage inside 10 miles of your non-public dwelling, and any Craigslist search will doubtlessly procure one within the $2000 vary. In 1995, the YZ250 acquired the Dirt Bike “250 MX Shootout,” which became once written by none diversified than Roger DeCoster. In it, Roger reported that “[…] the YZ250 is your only need, because it’s the single bike that matches a huge vary of conditions in stock accomplish, and it’s repeatedly simple to scurry.” It became once obvious that it became once a in point of fact shut contest that year.


Discovering customary facets is hit-and-omit for many bikes within the ’90s. For this particular bike, Yamaha is doing k, but no longer substantial. You want to to most doubtless also web OE rings, but no longer a piston. The rod is readily available, but no longer a crank assembly. The clutch plates and most gaskets are aloof in stock. No cylinders, no heads, no vitality valves. Take be conscious of that OE facets for bikes most involving about a years older are practically non-existent.

the older the mission
The older the mission, the more challenging the restoration. Bikes from the mid-’90s don’t repeatedly absorb OE facets availability, but they’re supported by the aftermarket.
the older the mission
the older the mission

By manner of cosmetic facets, there are no OE fenders, number plates or radiator shrouds. That’s k; Yamaha does aloof absorb radiator louvers, which will be very advanced to search out from diversified producers.


For OE-quality plastic, Polisport, Acerbis and UFO all absorb facets for the 1995 Yamaha YZ250 apart from most diversified Japanese bikes from that year. Between the three sources, it is probably you’ll perchance duvet the entire bike. For older bikes, DC Plastics has unbelievable coverage of vacuum-formed fenders and number plates. For graphics, it’s only to transfer with custom sources esteem Decal Works for bikes within the’90s and 2000s. DC Plastics also has legitimate-taking a look for tank stickers for bikes within the ’70s and ’80s.

Vintco is the dart-to-supply for many older engine facets. For this particular restoration, ProX had practically the total lot. Wiseco has it covered as neatly. As for the clutch, Yamaha has been the utilization of the same basket within the YZ250 since 1993. Hinson, Rekluse, Barnett and others all absorb it, even if, in some cases, a maker would perchance no longerknowthey’ve it.

The utilize pipe and silencer, obviously, are by Pro Circuit. Pro Circuit aloof has the jigs for practically the total lot ever sold, but doesn’t repeatedly absorb stock. Identical goes for FMF and DG. They all manufacture facets for older devices in groups if the anticipate of is there. That’s why going with a mainstream bike esteem the Yamaha is an correct thought. In any other case, it on the entire is a in point of fact prolonged wait. Reed valves are aloof carried by Boyesen, Vintco and Moto Tassinari. Boyesen also has clutch and ignition covers.

dirt bike and roger decoster
In 1995, Dirt Bike and Roger DeCoster selected the Yamaha YZ250 because the single at college.

As a final resort, eBay has the total lot. The subframe on this particular bike is a chrome steel aftermarket unit of unknown foundation. It became once chanced on on eBay. AC Racing has most diversified devices from this era of time. Original customary facets will be costly on eBay, and purchasing for former stuff is dangerous. But, eBay takes its return insurance policies very severely. Most of the time, it is doable so that you can to web your a refund if a deal goes sideways.


Because Yamaha has no customary cylinders, you are going to doubtlessly absorb to restore the pinnacle end. Most cylinders will even be re-lined in Nikasil by Millennium or U.S. Chrome. If it’s in in actual fact imperfect form, L.A. Sleeve can re-sleeve it in steel. Normally, former bikes can already absorb sleeves, which is able to be anguish, because there aren’t very many oversize pistons readily available for bikes that had been in the initiating build designed with Nikasil coatings. On unquestionably one of our earlier projects, U.S. Chrome put apart Nikasil over the steel of In 1995, Dirt Bike and Roger DeCoster selected the Yamaha YZ250 because the single at college. an aftermarket sleeve in a Honda. That brought the clearances up to stock specifications. Sounds bizarre, but it worked.

Pro Circuit and Speed Tech service older suspension ingredients the entire time. If the restoration job goes serve to the dual-shock/damper-rod fork days, Speed Tech eats it up. Additionally for these older bikes, Vintco has air shocks which will be needless ringers for Fox Shox of the slack ’70s.

If you in actual fact begin driving or racing a 30-year-former bike, you are going to quick ogle that the distinctive wheels aren’t up to the duty. The spoke nipples will be seized and cracked, the sprocket mounting prance holes will be oblong, and the bearings will be trashed. That’s where Dubya will turn out to be helpful. They originate and bend their salvage spokes, apart from promote all sorts of rims and fix pain wheels. Seat Ideas will rebuild most seats, but it’s only to talk with them about every job.


As a rule of thumb, a neatly-resorted Revo bike has identical payment to a imprint-fresh bike. A imprint-fresh two stroke sells for between $8,000 and $10,000, so as that’s your funds. The exact pain with racing older bikes is that the upper the restoration, the much less willing you are to scurry it. Receive over it. You mounted it once, it is probably you’ll perchance fix it again. That’s fragment of the enjoyable.

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