Circle K proposes new gas station outside Maricopa’s main hub

Residents of Maricopa might soon see an additional fueling option emerge away from the city’s bustling main strip, as Tempe-based Circle K sets sights on a new establishment at the northwest corner of Smith Enke and Porter roads, as revealed in documents obtained by CBS26.

The proposed venture would mark the city’s seventh gas station, introducing a convenient alternative situated off John Wayne Parkway, diversifying the options available to locals for fuel and amenities.

Envisioned as a 5,200 square feet structure, the proposed Circle K would be marginally smaller than its counterpart a mile south on Honeycutt and Porter roads. Plans outline an offering of 20 fueling stations, enhancing accessibility for motorists in the area, as detailed in the project narrative.

While the proposal unveils specifics about the size and services, details regarding the timeline for construction commencement and the anticipated review process by city officials remain undisclosed at this stage. As the proposal awaits potential approval and subsequent developments, Maricopa residents await further updates on this prospective addition to their community’s infrastructure. Stay tuned for more information as this proposal progresses through the necessary channels for consideration.

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