Jimmy John’s triple dinged during December 19th health inspection

Pinal County Environmental Health inspectors conducted routine assessments at various local eateries this past week, providing insights into their adherence to health and safety protocols. While most establishments received commendable ratings, Maricopa’s donut and sandwich shops, specifically Good Donuts and Jimmy John’s, were flagged for several violations during inspections conducted between December 15 and December 21.

The majority of the inspected restaurants, including Burger King, Helen’s Kitchen LLC, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Neaux Coffee Company, Papa John’s Pizza, and Wendy’s, were recognized for their excellence in meeting the required standards during their respective inspections.

However, Good Donuts and Jimmy John’s, despite their otherwise satisfactory operations, were cited for a total of nine violations, prompting attention to specific areas needing improvement.

Good Donuts underwent scrutiny for multiple concerns encompassing various aspects of cleanliness and food storage procedures, such as temperature control issues with cooked eggs, crockpot and baking equipment cleanliness, and overall hygiene of non-food contact surfaces, walls, and floors.

Meanwhile, Jimmy John’s inspection revealed lapses in managerial certification, inadequate temperature control for deli meats and cheese in the sandwich prep cooler, and the absence of appropriate labeling for chemical spray bottles.

These findings underscore the significance of adherence to stringent health and safety standards within food establishments, ensuring the well-being of patrons and upholding public health regulations.

As per the grading system used by Pinal County Environmental Health, establishments are assessed based on varying categories, ranging from “Excellent” for full compliance with priority standards to “Satisfactory” for instances where one or more standards require rectification at the time of inspection.

These assessments not only serve as an evaluation tool but also offer an opportunity for establishments to address identified issues promptly, guaranteeing a safer and healthier environment for consumers. The establishments in question are expected to take immediate corrective action to rectify the highlighted violations to ensure full compliance with health and safety standards.

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