FULL VIDEO: Man high on meth tased by Maricopa Police

The body camera footage unveiled by CBS26 highlights a noteworthy incident that unfolded in Maricopa during the summer months.

The body camera footage unveiled by CBS26 highlights a noteworthy incident that unfolded in Maricopa during the summer months.

On August 24, officers from the Maricopa Police Department arrested 34-year-old Adam R. Huggins following a pursuit and discovered he had active warrants along with possession of methamphetamine, as per details outlined in a probable cause statement obtained by CBS26.

Approximately three days subsequent to the arrest, CBS26 formally requested access to all related footage under public records regulations. However, it wasn’t until December 3rd that the request was finally granted, revealing the comprehensive response captured on camera.

The sequence of events began around 8:30 a.m. when officers responded to a call at a recycling yard situated near West McDavid Road and Edwards Circle. One of the officers recognized an individual within the premises who was wanted under active warrants.

Upon verification from dispatch regarding the active warrants, the officer engaged with lights flashing. However, upon sighting the approaching officer, Huggins made a swift attempt to evade arrest by sprinting away.

The situation escalated swiftly as the officer deployed a taser, striking Huggins in the back, resulting in his apprehension without further resistance. Following the apprehension, Huggins was immediately transported to a nearby hospital for medical evaluation.

A subsequent search conducted at the hospital led officers to discover a significant quantity of crystal meth concealed within a large bag, as indicated in the probable cause statement provided by law enforcement officials.

Subsequently, Huggins faced additional charges, including resisting arrest and possession of dangerous drugs, further compounding the charges stemming from his existing warrants, which included offenses related to other dangerous drugs, promoting contraband, and failure to comply with penalties.

These incidents underscore the multifaceted challenges law enforcement encounters in their daily operations while enforcing the law and ensuring public safety within the Maricopa community. The body camera footage provides a unique perspective, shedding light on the complexities faced by officers during such encounters while also providing transparency to the citizens of Maricopa.

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