Teen who survived Casa Grande house party shooting says ‘I was totally in shock’

Casa Grande Teen Recounts Night of Tragedy: Coping with Loss and Moving Forward

One Casa Grande teen, Kylie Mendoza, bravely shared her story after finding herself caught in the harrowing situation that unfolded at a house party on November 26th, leaving a devastating impact on her life and that of her friends.

Recalling the tragic event, where the fatal shooting claimed the life of her dear friend, 17-year-old Hailey Stephens, Kylie herself suffered a gunshot wound to her arm. While her physical recovery progresses, the memory remains a vivid and painful reminder of that fateful night.

Speaking about the incident, Mendoza expressed the disbelief and shock that followed the sudden chaos. “It felt like a sucker punch to my arm,” she recounted. “I was totally in shock and forgot I even got shot until the ambulance and police got there.”

Despite the physical healing, the mental toll has been profound. Managing her own recovery, Mendoza has also found herself being a pillar of support for her mother, aiding her through this tumultuous period. “Just have to stay positive for my mom because when she found out, she was a wreck,” she shared. “My being positive helps her through it and is also helping me.”

As she navigates her own journey of healing, Mendoza is also deeply focused on honoring the memory of her dear friend Hailey, who tragically lost her life that night. “I think we’re all trying to cope. We all still don’t understand what’s going on,” she expressed, highlighting the collective struggle of their group to come to terms with the loss.

Reflecting on the night of the shooting, friends recalled moments of terror and the desperate attempt to seek safety amid the chaos. “It was really traumatic. It was just scary,” one friend recalled, narrating the terrifying experience of seeking refuge behind a dumpster to shield themselves from the stray gunfire.

Detectives confirmed that Mendoza and her friends were innocent victims, caught in the crossfire of a tragic event they never anticipated. The aftermath, however, is a tribute to their resilience, as they fondly remember Hailey, reminiscing about her infectious smile, her warmth, and the joy she brought into their lives.

In an outpouring of support, the community rallied together on December 6th for a fundraiser to support Hailey’s grieving family. Friends, united in their grief, found solace in standing by each other and Hailey’s loved ones during this challenging time.

The profound loss, however, remains an ongoing struggle for these young friends, the reality of Hailey’s absence proving difficult to comprehend. “Very surreal. Haven’t processed it yet,” one friend shared. “It feels like she’s on vacation or a cheer competition,” another friend added, struggling to come to terms with the void left by her absence.

The pain and grief echoing among these young hearts serve as a stark reminder of the precious life lost and the irreplaceable void it leaves behind. As they navigate this uncharted terrain of loss and mourning, their enduring love for Hailey shines through, offering strength amidst the darkness.

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