Where is Senna from in League of Legends?

Where is Senna from in League of Legends?

Questioning where Senna is from in League of Legends? That is the final note dwelling to uncover the reply referring to the Redeemer.

where is senna from in league of legends?

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Where is Senna from in League of Legends?

In step with the League of Legends lore, Senna was once born on a diminutive island off the waft of Demacia. Sooner or later of her early years, she attempted to stumble on a shipwreck however as she was once doing so, the Dark Mist tried to trap her in. Happily, she and the leisure of her village were saved from a Sentinel of Light known as Urias however the Mist persisted to haunt Senna. Which implies that, Urias trained Senna so that she may presumably war abet at any time when the Dark Mist found her.

Even though Senna is technically no longer a Demacian, she has deep ties with the diagram. No longer simplest thanks to her proximity however also ensuing from her historic previous with Lucian, who took dwelling to be Urias’ son. Whereas the dad was once slain by wraiths that had adopted Senna, she trained Lucian to develop into a Sentinel, and fell in take care of for the length of that process.

The 2 ended up stopping Thresh, the Chain Warden, with the hopes of helping Senna put away alongside with her curse. Sooner or later of that war, Senna ended up taking Thresh’s hook to save Lucian, trapping her soul into the lantern. Since then, Lucian spent years having a stare for ways to free her lover.

With that in mind, we are in a position to convey that Senna doesn’t belong to any of the principle regions and factions one day of the League of Legends universe. She can’t genuinely be regarded as a Demacian however is heavily affiliated every with the kingdom as effectively because the Shadow Isles ensuing from the mist that has been haunting her for nearly her complete life.

As Lucian drove his pistol into Thresh’s lantern, Senna escaped, shrouded in loss of life and wielding a cannon manufactured from other Sentinels’ relic weapons. She venerable it to guard Lucian from Thresh’s attack after which she sent Thresh flying, at once afterwards the souls of the lantern were starting up to be absorbed all another time and he or she began to pull Senna as effectively. But Lucian managed to rapid attain her to hug her to steer sure of the flashlight would take in all of it another time.

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