Memento Mori: When Males Merge with AI

Memento Mori: When Males Merge with AI

Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer

The central thought of transhumanism will likely be summarized in a system: it’s miles doubtless and orderly to switch from a share of blind evolution to a awake one. Changing staunch into a “homo faber,” as Anne Foerst says: taking preserve watch over over an existence that for millions of years has been dictated by intrinsic elements (biological, physical, and cognitive limits) and extrinsic ones (cultural, non secular, and appropriate limits) and releasing oneself from human and divine evolutionary constraints. The transhumanist, from this level of look, is Luciferian, as he rebels in opposition to introduction, however also because of he brings knowledge and progress (to preserve remote from misunderstandings, it desires to be remembered that Lucifer, earlier than changing into one in every of the names of the Devil because of Judaic-Christian cultural appropriation, used to be Phosphóros, “mild bringer” and a star whose brightness heralded the sunrise). However if God is needless and the Übermensch is now not yet born, will superintelligence (‘überAI) be our evolutionary aim (or pause)? Will we now fill to starting up coming to terms with the inevitable, that is, to live to deliver the tale, our most engrossing hope will likely be merging with AI?

Natural is the Fresh N-notice

In the now not-too-some distance-off future, these that desire now not to merge with synthetic intelligence could presumably presumably very effectively be viewed as we stare on the Amish or the Korowai at present, whereas enhanced humans will fill an abyssal support over their diminished counterparts. A superpower. Will they (we?) in the end be übermenschen? And maybe, this technique of hybridization has already begun. Restful however inexorable. Is there a difference between using ChatGPT to support us all over work or having a brain-laptop interface (BCI) that transforms our brain inputs into outputs? Some argue there may well be a difference, as an implant would amplify the means to blend in a population of diminished humans, overcoming the dichotomy between enhanced and now not. They’re living, in short. And so that they’re living among us. And if I am alive, then that you simply may well presumably very effectively be needless. Nobody at present would whinge that these that build on glasses fill an unfair support over these that originate now not. However what if this support had been hidden in an implant? The human check out has a resolution of about 7 Megapixels, however what if we could presumably presumably amplify it to 70? 700? 7,000? Judge of a job that requires excellent imaginative and prescient: an enhanced watchmaker and a diminished one would stare equal from the skin, however the stale would work with superhuman accuracy. This could presumably presumably consequence in discrimination now not in keeping with ethnicity, gender, or religion however purely on the “biological versus synthetic” dichotomy. It can presumably presumably even be hypothesized, with some margin of safety, that in 20-30 years, this could presumably presumably be the most engrossing imaginable discrimination.

AI and the sphere of Techno-vary

And to neologisms care for “femicide” will likely be added others care for “diminished-cide”: “a appreciate of violence systematically exercised now not on females, however on diminished human beings in the name of an ideological superstructure now not patriarchal, however synthetic.” Will these that desire now not to merge with AI rob their teach in the ideological leper colony of day after at present? In that national-populist leper colony, at present reserved for the gypsies, the LGBTIQA+ neighborhood, the political refugees? Accepting this possibility will indicate dividing the human world into two categories, the build inevitably, one will rob a teach of predominance. And how originate we tackle the pronounce of the disappearance of vary, a excessive sign to pay in the name of homogenization (albeit enhanced)? In an world the build all contributors are merged with the unreal, the richness of human vary could presumably presumably be lost. We already perceive it with OpenAI. If everyone writes with ChatGPT (nearly 200 million customers as I work on this paragraph), everyone can become a writer straight. A purposeful illiterate becomes Hemingway thanks to counseled engineering. As soon as we’re all equal, all enhanced, then the warfare for uniqueness and competitors could presumably will fill to be bioengineered in a superhuman society. This is a stance that opens dystopian eventualities, and it will not be SF to foretell that, in the impending a long time, governments and insurance firms will promote AI integration to construct a society of robots. Will we stare at Homo sapiens as we stare at Neanderthals at present? It is now not exhausting to foretell that, in 10-15 years, we could presumably gain staunch of entry to ChatGPT (or, in the case of a Neuralink BCI, more likely, Grok/xAI) straight from our brains or even elevate support to life the brains of the deceased. As we can already revel in a synthetic meat burger from extinct animals (Australian food firm Speak, as an illustration, managed to construct a wide meatball), we could presumably elevate historical figures, artists, and writers support to life. Then again, The search facts from stays whether or now not these needless conform to be awoke.

Loss of life or deliberate obsolescence?

This anti-death theory already exists beneath the name of morphological freedom, that is, now not being dinky by the pre-established boundaries of our physique, however having the means to desire if and the build to switch our consciousness: into the cloud, onto a USB stick, into an exoskeleton, and loads others. An increasing number of companies are demonstrating, a minimal of embryonically and theoretically, that the know-how needed to combat the most engrossing taboo of our species – death – could presumably presumably very effectively be appropriate just a few a long time away. For us who work in the race industry, then, an extra earnings would also starting up up: when humans starting up up to divide between “physical” and “uploaded,” we could presumably wish to “starting up” digital motels (as in the Amazon High series Upload, the build the protagonist, upon his death, is “uploaded” into the sumptuous Lakeview hotel in the metaverse). Who will judge the aim of mortiferous earnings manager? Definite, the pronounce of hospitality becomes frivolous in the face of even bigger questions that the defeat of death would elevate. The fundamental among them is the non secular one. Teach in regards to the impact it’ll fill on religions care for Hinduism, which foresees lots of cycles of reincarnation earlier than reaching Nirvana. Christian religion, then, products and services its entire theoretical corpus spherical the existence of an afterlife and the soul’s resurrection. However if man grew to become immortal, then all of the theological framework of perception would become stale. And what if the 2d coming of Christ himself had been now not, if truth be told, the impending of a TechnoChrist? If that “resurrection of the flesh” had been nothing bigger than a prophecy for thoughts importing? “After they upward push from the needless,” it’s miles written in the Gospel essentially based on Mark, “they’ll neither marry nor be given in marriage; they’ll be care for the angels in heaven.” We could presumably presumably be “angels” (ethereal and incorporeal beings, first clue) in the “heavens” made of clouds (cloud computing, 2d clue), the build physical and tactile relationships could presumably presumably be most now potentially now not (digital actuality, metaverse, spatial computing).

Memento Mori

Again, the matrimonial system “till death originate us share” would lose all which design. What death would separate couples? The physical one? Digital suicide? Would marriage quiet fill sign as soon as one’s consciousness is uploaded into the cloud? If my predictions are appropriate, my three-three hundred and sixty five days-ancient son will are living long ample to gain away the demanding inevitability of death. Sooner than his physical departure, we could presumably reach such know-how as to permit us to “desire” whether or now not to die and flip off our “needed laptop” as soon as and for all or construct a copy to “add” onto a obvious medium. Correct for him, however is now not this too short a time to solve these bioethical and theological questions? For the time being, the pronounce is quiet (even supposing increasingly much less so) relegated to the pure field of hypothesis, however there are already companies that, albeit to a lesser extent, guarantee digital immortality or a minimal of the introduction of digital twins, care for Replika, a platform on which for years I even had been setting up a twin of my father. Memento mori? In all chance. Or presumably most engrossing unless we neglect. Neglect to die.

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