Bill Maher Says Beware of Christian Nationalism

Bill Maher Says Beware of Christian Nationalism

Bill Maher Beware of Christian Nationalism!!!

12/2/2023 6:15 AM PT

Bill Maher loves the XMAS season, ‘build off or now now not it is fun … but he’s jumpy on the total these who embody the spiritual element to a diploma they are attempting to shove it down everybody else’s throats.

The ‘Sincere Time’ host launched on the rising selection of Republicans, now led by freshly-minted Speaker of the Condo Mike Johnsonwho are attempting to flip The USA into a Christian bid.

Even supposing Johnson and a range of different Republicans dangle promoted an legit faith for the US, Bill notes they’ve forgotten regarding the final separation of church and bid element.

Get. Lauren Boebert lately scoffed, “I’m bored with this separation of church and bid junk.” Her chief, Mike Johnson, has known as for a Christian nation that dominates all areas of American life.

Seems ravishing classic … the nation used to be essentially based on freedom of faith. It’s engrained in our Constitution — 1st up on the Modification roster — yet an alarming selection of Republicans are hell-bent on breaking that wall — separation of church and bid.

As for why … well, Bill thinks Speaker Johnson is so into this faith element, he’s completely staring at for the sector to complete so we can derive on with the rapture.

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