Poston Butte comes back in victory against Vista Grande

In the inaugural Vista Grande Girls Holiday Classic, the championship showdown fittingly featured hosts Vista Grande squaring off against Pinal County rival Poston Butte. Although the two teams had previously clashed on the tournament’s opening day, Wednesday’s final encounter unfolded with a distinct narrative from their prior meeting.

The Broncos had claimed victory in the teams’ Tuesday encounter, although it was a match characterized by both sides struggling to maintain consistency, resulting in a 35-28 win. However, the subsequent day’s championship game showcased a different dynamic, marked by intense defensive play and deliberate attempts to rattle opponents. Poston Butte emerged triumphant once more, securing a 36-29 victory in a contest defined by strategic defensive maneuvers and calculated tactics.

Reflecting on the championship match, Vista Grande’s head coach, Ryan Barrett, expressed his team’s excitement at reaching the finals despite facing adversities due to injuries among players. The challenging circumstances, including a starter’s injury, posed difficulties for the team, reflecting the resolute dedication of the remaining players.

The game unfolded in two distinct halves for both the Spartans and the Broncos. While Poston Butte encountered initial struggles in converting opportunities, Vista Grande surged ahead, establishing a substantial lead of 17 points during the first half.

Poston Butte’s head coach, Savannah Bix, acknowledged Vista Grande’s preparedness and their execution of a challenging defensive strategy, particularly employing a zone defense that initially caught her team off guard. The Spartans found themselves at a significant 21-4 deficit in the first half, setting the stage for a compelling turnaround.

Gradually, the Broncos began their resurgence, displaying tenacity and resilience in their pursuit of the win. Kyanee Perry’s free throws and Symirah Gray’s pivotal three-pointer narrowed the deficit to a manageable 10 points.

The second half witnessed a remarkable turnaround orchestrated by Autumn Thomas, whose relentless efforts on both offense and defense propelled Poston Butte’s resurgence. Coach Bix highlighted Thomas’s growth and resilience in the face of previous tournament struggles, acknowledging her pivotal role in the team’s recovery.

The intensity escalated as the game progressed, with both teams fiercely contesting every possession. Stefanie Trantham’s spirited performance for Vista Grande earned praise for her unwavering commitment and substantial contribution to the team’s efforts.

Gray’s exceptional performance, including a game-tying shot, ignited a turning point for Poston Butte, setting the stage for a decisive sequence where the team’s junior players took control. Ultimately, Poston Butte sealed the victory, with Gray leading the scoring charge and Thomas making significant contributions.

Coach Bix emphasized the significance of victories against local schools, fostering a sense of unity and pride within the program. Celebrating the achievement, especially in sending off the seniors with a championship title, added to the team’s camaraderie and bolstered their pride in representing Poston Butte.

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