Vehicle crash in Province Lake draws emergency response Saturday evening

In a startling turn of events on Saturday night, emergency services were summoned to Province Parkway and West Friendly Place following reports of a vehicle submerged in a local lake. The incident, reported just after 9:20 p.m., prompted a swift response from Maricopa police and fire crews.

Monica Williams, spokesperson for the city, relayed the unfolding events, stating, “Upon arrival, both passengers had already exited the vehicle, having managed to get out prior to the arrival of our first responders.”

Paramedics promptly attended to the passengers on-site, conducting necessary assessments. Fortunately, it was determined that neither individual required hospitalization, reassuring news amidst the startling circumstances.

Authorities from the Maricopa Police Department have initiated an investigation into the incident, seeking to unravel the circumstances that led to the vehicle’s immersion in the lake. The quest for answers continues as authorities diligently probe into the details surrounding this unexpected event.

Stay tuned for updates as the investigation progresses.